Tuesday, October 7, 2014

McKenna at the Alpine Loop




Blouse, Pants, Rings:: H&M 
Shoes:: Target 
Watch:: Anne Klein on Amazon 
Necklace courtesy of:: Most Adoringly A local Artist/Photographer 
Photographs:: Karen Bethers 

Throughout my life I have always admired those who have their own voice when it comes to style. As a fine-artist I know how important it is to find one's voice in a line of work and what someone wears is no exception to one's ability to make an artistic statement. It's not just about what one wears that is trending or fashionable, it's deeper than that. 

What is worn on the outside often sets the first tone in displaying something personal about oneself, something psycological. A body is a canvas for clothing that portrays ones interests, personality, how one may feel that day, what one finds beautiful, functional, and or expressive. There is something particularly intriguing about how one is typically drawn to include specific items in their wardrobe that are unique to them and who they are. 

I've created this blog to explore this concept with those living in my home town and state. I find the people I am surrounded by unique in telling their story through what they wear. Though the stereotype is that Utahans are plain or influenced by 'cookie-cutter' fashion-trends, I'm going to expose the diversity found here while also showing the talents that the locals have and showcase some Utah small businesses. 

I'm excited to get this started so I figured I'll get it rolling with a fashion-post of my own.

For me personally I'm drawn to clothing that is simple, creates clean lines and a flattering silhouette for my body type. I'm drawn to things that have small details, femininity and a variety of (what my husband thinks are 'grandma'-esque) floral patterns. I rarely wear black even though I own a bit in my wardrobe, just as I rarely use black in my paintings or drawings. I'm definitely a color person and it shows in what I choose to wear most often. When I'm not in my oversized sweatpants lounging at home with my son, I'm most likely wearing something along those lines. 

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