Saturday, December 13, 2014

about the utah threads project

I've always been an admirer of those who have their own sense of self, in who they genuinely are deep down, what they're passionate about, what they find compelling, beautiful, or interesting. Our body is our own blank canvas, new and bright every single day. What we put on our canvas says so much about us. What we wear becomes our own personal artist-statement about who we are or what we feel and where we place ourselves in society.

As an artist and photographer I've set off to explore this very thing in the people around me, helping discover the talents, arts, local shops and individuals that contribute to the community. This isn't set to be a fashion blog as much as it is a blog about people and what they choose to say about themselves through their Threads.

So here's my Thread statement for what it's worth::
I love being a woman. I'm all about birth, babies, heels and hips and I want that to show in what I wear. I like to feel a bit glamorous, gentle and subtly 'ruling the world' when I walk out the door, you know, the-hand-the-rocks-the-cradle kind of stuff. This doesn't mean I look glamorous everyday at any given moment, more often than not I'm in my PJs, let's be real here. Though, when I get 'dolled' up, I want it to mean something, not only to me, but to those around me. I want it to say, there's a woman, an artist, and a mother with my favorite accessory (aside from scarves) my husband and my son by my side. 

- McKenna

So, what do your threads say about you?

Contact me to talk about being featured. We'll schedule a time and place to meet in a Utah/Salt Lake County location that suits you,  you'll wear what defines your style best, I'll ask you a few questions and a week or so later you'll be featured on Utah Threads. Cool, eh?

(I'd love to help anyone who is looking to promote their small business, etsty shop, blog, photography etc. Please specify if any of those things apply to you.)
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