Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sisters Kellie and Morgan of Kekemomo in Salt Lake City

Location:: Salt Lake City

Left: Morgan, Right: Kellie

kekemomo is owned by sister's Kellie and Morgan. The name is derived from their family nicknames: keke for Kellie and momo for Morgan. They created a business that elevates homes and bodies through incredible essential oil blends infused into customizable products such as candles and soaps.

For their products they've created unique oil blends, like their popular Fig and Bergamot, and have clean, modern reusable packaging. They currently have 8 candles, 8 wax melts, 4 lotions, 5 salves, and 5 soaps in their product line and use natural and local ingredients as much as possible.

One of the things they've recently started doing is custom packaging and scents. As a small business they enjoy having the freedom to customize product for their customers. They've been collaborating with The TomKat Studio to create a custom scent and product line for her store, and also recently started doing custom labels for weddings and showers.

Kellie said, "At the end of the day, my sister and I are really passionate about our products and working together; we still text or call each other after every sale. I think it says a lot that I put on our lotion every morning, apply our lip salve all day every day at work, and I always light one of our candles when I get home. We love each other, and we absolutely love what we do."

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Check back soon for a post of each of them talking about their own style and where they gained their influence. 

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