Sunday, October 19, 2014

Twin Sister Amy by the Provo Dock, Utah Lake





Location:: Provo Dock, Utah Lake

Shirt:: Downeast Basics
Dress:: H&M
Shoes:: Birkenstocks (borrowed from twin Ashley)
Watch:: Regino (Japan)

Amy is a Japanese-American student of Photography at BYU Provo and twin sister to Ashley. She has a knack for detail, styling photo-shoots and loves the art of creating and editing photographs. She defines her style as feminine-conservative with a touch of Japanese "whatever-goes" quirk. She wears pieces that help her to appear approachable and friendly.

Despite being a twin and similar in many respects, both her and Ashley have their own voice in what they choose to wear. They often borrow pieces from each others closets but more often than not each item borrowed is worn in their own way. Regardless, they're each other's outfit-check mate in the mornings, making sure what they're wearing works or doesn't.

See Amy's incredible portrait photography here

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