Saturday, October 18, 2014

Twin Sister Ashley by the Provo Dock, Utah Lake





Location:: Provo Docks, Utah Lake

Glasses:: Rayban
Shirt:: G.U.
Jeans:: Levi's
Shoes:: GAP (Borrowed from Sister Amy)

Ashley is an American-Japanese Illustration Major at BYU Provo and twin sister to Amy. She's a classic t-shirt and denim gal and is drawn to any and all Gap-esque pieces. She finds a lot of is influence for her style in art-culture. She's got a great sense of humor and it shows in the her choice of color and graphic T's. If she wants to wear a pineapple shirt, by-golly she's going to wear a pineapple shirt.

As a 2-D artists she goes beyond just drawing on paper, she takes her work to a new level by putting her work onto the blank canvases of Toms and Vans shoes. 

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